Pickled Carrots … Refrigerator Pickles, No canning required

Pickled Carrots … Refrigerator Pickles, No canning required

By August 15, 2016

When we made these Refrigerator Pickles last summer my son LOVED the carrots in them. SO we have been making Pickled Carrots. We just make a few jars at a time and put them in the fridge (we don't can them) so they stay super crunchy. He takes these in his lunch and loves them for a snack. And since he is not a fan of cooked veggies this is great to have on hand the days I am out of fresh veggies.

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes



  • In a pan add water,vinegar, salt, pickle mix, and sugar and bring to a light boil then ladle  the liquid mixture into clean jars packed with dill, garlic, and carrots. Once the jars are filled add the tops and  lids and place in the refrigerator then wait at least 2 days before you start eating. This made 4 Quarts
  • TIP: Use a wide mouth jar so you can easily get the carrots in and out of the jar. These will last several months in the fridge
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