Remembering Paris

Tonight as I watch and listen  to the events happening in Paris tonight, and the unimaginable attacks on this fabulous old city.  I can’t help think about some of my favorite  sites from our trip to Paris. While Paris was not one of our favorite trips it is a trip of a lifetime and one … Continue reading

Christmas Shoeboxes

Last year my son got the itch to fill Christmas Shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse last year we shopped and filled 4 and he set the goal of 20 for this year and ended up with 26. So after each holiday we combed stores for clearance items that we could store for his shoeboxes. We watched clearance racks … Continue reading

Fried Pheasant

    When your dad is a hunter you tend to have tried lots of different wildlife. Pheasant is a wild fowl that we actually really enjoy at our house and it is my son’s favorite. I fix it very simply and make it gluten-free. I take the thin sliced pheasant and dip in whisked … Continue reading

Kentucky Derby Party

This is a post that I thought was posted over a year ago and just found it so thought I would go on and share it now. We live in Central Kentucky and here the Kentucky Derby is a BIG deal. We enjoy the tradition of the horses and the races. My father is also … Continue reading

Blessing Others with a meal

I am blessed to be home during the day and I enjoying cooking so making a meal for friends and neighbors is an easy way for me to bless someone. I try to make meals for others weekly. Yes it is great to make a meal when someone is sick, or had a baby. But … Continue reading

Hello Fresh: Review

  A few weeks ago I got my first Blue Apron box and I wrote about it here. Then I got a couple for half off a coupon so I thought I would give Hello Fresh a try. If you are interested in tying out this service for yourself you can get $40 off your first … Continue reading

Blue Apron Review

I was recently given a free box from Blue Apron Meal Delivery. I had been thinking about trying it but really could not justify the cost. I was excited to get to try this service for free, and I actually REALLY enjoyed it.  When picking plans you can choose between getting 2 meals for 4 people … Continue reading

Garlic Cilantro Corn

This is fast summer dish without any real measurements.  Cut some fresh corn off the cob. Then in a pan saute some diced up some garlic, and  (I used cilantro paste here), a little cumin  and house seasoning (salt, pepper, & garlic salt)  with enough butter to cover the bottom of the pan.  once the garlic … Continue reading

Crawfish Boil

  A Crawfish boil a tasty and fun treat. So the last time we took a trip to Louisiana we brought home 30 pounds of crawfish to have a crawfish boil at home. To get them home alive we filled a large cooler about half full of ice then placed the crawfish on top of … Continue reading