Canning Pantry– with chalkboard ledge to protect jars and provide a way to label the goods

Canning Pantry-1

Several months ago I came across This post about an Awesome Canning Pantry then when we moved I had the perfect place to put my own, and I have a husband that likes to work with wood. I really like the idea that she had about a lip on the shelves to help protect the jars from falling to the floor. And I REALLY liked the idea about painting them with chalk so you can label what is on each shelf. I know what is in the jars by just looking at them but my son and Husband may not so the labels will be nice.

As you can see I NEED TO GET CANNING my shelves are empty and I rarely have this little on the shelf.

Canning Pantry-2

I put a plastic waffle shelf liner on the shelves with the empty jars (All of which were full at the end of last summer) to help them from shifting. I may eventually line all the shelves but for now I just did the empty jars. Also the bottom shelf and the top we still put the trim with the chalkboard paint but they are flush with shelf since those shelves will be holding larger items, and did not want to fight the edge. I also had some rubber matting from another house and I placed it along the floor to help with messes also.

Canning Pantry-3

Canning Pantry-4

Canning Pantry-5

Canning Pantry-6

Canning Pantry-7

My husband also built this work table (which is 3 foot by 8 foot to show scale) and I am sure will be spending a lot of time working on it.

Canning Pantry-8

 I also plan on storing some bulk items on these shelves but as you can see those shelves also need to be filled up so I will update this post once my shelves are fuller.

Canning Pantry-9

Canning Pantry-10

Shelves are 15 3/4 inches deep with the chalkboard ledge being 1×3 inch boards. The shelves are made out of 5/8th inch thick MDF board. The quart shelves are 9 inches high and the pint shelves are 7 1/4 inches high. I can fit 4 jars deep on my shelves.

If you want to start canning here are some more posts you may want to check out.

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