Eating through France, Italy, and Spain

I was looking through some old drafts of and found this post, pictures only. I thought I shared with trip a couple of years ago. About a year and a half ago we took a cruise with ports in France, Italy, and Spain. It was a wonderful trip and one of my favorites we have ever took. Here are a few high points when it came to the delicious food we enjoyed.

We spent 3 days in Barcelona and I really enjoyed the Tapas. While I was not as big of a fan of the traditional meals I really enjoyed ordering several tapas like pictured below.

Below is a traditional Paella meal and I tried it twice and just was not a fan of some spice used, not sure what it was. But when I travel I want to try local foods so I gave it a shot.

On our way to see the Leaning tower of Pisa we drove through filed after field of sunflowers. These are grown for Sunflower Oil, and they were beautiful.

In Italy we also drove through lots of olive tree groves and lots of lemon and lime trees. It was unlike anything else I have seen. They were growing on hill sides around every curve.

The black mesh you see is unfolded when the olives become ripe and they harvest the olives from the mesh.

1013254_10151918083689305_434742118_nAnother great treat in Italy, is gelato. The children would chat “We want gelato, we want gelato!” So we had this sweet treat of super smooth ice cream daily sometimes more than once.

In Serroto Itatly we visited a farm and saw how they press olive oil and how to make fresh motssella cheese.

And after we toured the farm we got to taste fresh cheeses, fresh bread, and dried meats. It was all to die for .

Everytime we travel to Euroupe I love to gawk at the fresh produce and open air markets. Look at all these beuitful fruits and veggie.
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And you can’t forget the PASAT!!!  The pasta was so good, a completly different textrure than we are used to. THe pasta is more like dough and the sauces are very simple. We also had great pizzas and bread along way. And my son was able to have gluten free pizza and gluten free pizza while we were there and he still says it was the best he has ever had. I am so glad he was able to experencie these foodie treats as well.

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