Cleaning Up the Garden for the Winter








This weekend we were expecting our first frost so it was time to harvest anything left in the garden. So for the past couple of days we have been digging though the last of the garden and putting up anything that we found. Above is a lot of basil, that was made into pesto and froze, lots of peppers that were sliced and frozen, and a few green tomatoes and leeks.

We also had a few ears of corn left and dug a couple buckets of sweet potatoes (not pictured).



The next task was collecting flower seeds for next year’s butterfly gardens.  We plant LOT of zinnas, comos, and Mexican sunflowers in my son’s butterfly gardens, so we collect them in the fall and save them to plant in the spring. IMG_0409 IMG_0421 IMG_0422 IMG_0423 IMG_0424

It is also time to start chopping wood for the winter. My father only uses wood to warm his house so chopping wood during nice days make for warm days in the winter. IMG_0425

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