Wedge Salad and Dressing

Wedge Salad and Dressing

By October 26, 2011

I am a huge fan of wedge salads but have never made one at home. I found a recipe on pinterest that looked great and changed it just a tiny bit and it was delicious!!! I will say that the dressing recipe says to have it sit for 1-4 days and at 2 days I was not impressed but by yesterday (day 3 it was really good).




  • Mix together mayo and sour cream. Add the buttermilk, Durkee sauce, and seasoned salt. Mix well.
  • Season to taste with salt and pepper and stir again. Fold in blue cheese.
  • Store in a container with a lid for 2-4 days.


  • Pull core out of lettuce and then slice into quarters. Remove any hard portions of lettuce that may be in the center of each quarter.
  • Place on plate and then pour dressing over the top. Sprinkle with bacon crumbles, egg, tomato and more blue cheese.


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