Green Beans

Green Beans

By November 6, 2011

I am sure most of you all know how to make green beans but I know we have some people that are knew to cooking. I know when I first started cooking I would have just opened a can and warmed them (bland!).


  • I usually use frozen and add a little water to the bottom of my pot. I don't measure the spices but start off with less and then add to taste.
  • When I use frozen I start them lower and cook with a lid for a little bit (when in a hurry I have put them in there and turned them up to high to hurry them along). After they have started to soften and cook down some I take the lid up and turn them up to cook off most of the water.
  • Simmer until you serve but make sure you don't cook all the liquid off.

Ways Some Others make theirs:

  • Suellen -  I fry bacon and put it and the drippings in a big pot of green beans and onions. I love to add sliced carrots too. That's something that my grandma did and they are so good.
  • Wendy - balsamic vinegar is good too (instead of worchestershire).
  • Peggy - I put a piece of onion in them a ham hock and cook very low almost dry and cook all day.

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