Bacon and Blue Burgers

Bacon and Blue Burgers

By March 20, 2012

We were talking on the phone one morning and neither one of us had an idea what we were going fix for dinner. Amber suggested Bacon and Blue Burgers and I said that sounded good so we both went to work on our own versions.

Here are our Family's plates. The husband's is the red plate and green bowl, mine is the blue plate, and the last on is my 5 year old's.

I thought this was one of the best meals I had fixed in weeks. It was so simple. I had everything prepped and ready to go prior to dinner time so we could enjoy the afternoon outside and when we got home dinner was ready in 30 minutes. My husband was not a fan of all the blue cheese but it will be a keeper.

My verison is NOT on a bun since my son is gluten free we just don't keep bread on hand here all the time, and I would rather get my carbs in the yummy potatoes instead of a dry bun.



Ann Kelly's Version:

  • Mix everything except the bacon and make 4 patties.
  • Wrap the patty with 2 slices of bacon.
  • Grill till cooked through (there is also Favorite Broccoli, and asparagus on the grill)

Amber's Version:

  • I poured about 1/3 cup blue cheese, some worcherstershire sauce and about 1 tablespoon house seasoning in bowl.
  • I added the pound of ground beef and used my hands to mix the ingredients together.
  • I molded them in to patties and cooked them inside on my cast iron skillet. While the burgers were cooking I cooked the bacon.
  • I saved a little of the bacon grease to make these onions, for the tops of the burgers.
  • We topped our burgers with the rest of the blue cheese, bacon and some onions. It was tasty!


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