Freezing Peppers

Freezing Peppers

By July 26, 2012

Gardens are in full swing and for me that means there are loads and load of peppers. I cook a lot with peppers so freezing them saves them for going bad, saves me money and I am able to freeze as soon as they are picked to retain all their nutrients. Peppers are SO SO EASY to freeze, Just wash and chop... and that is it. When I pull them out of the freezer I will chop them smaller most of the time so make sure you slice them pretty thin so it will be easy to cut the frozen peppers if you need to when you use them.

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Cook Time : 30 minutes


  • I have bell peppers (of several colors), banana peppers, and jalapenos peppers that I freeze. I wash them well when they come in from the garden then I prepare a freezer bag for each type.
  • With these bags I am able to add to them as the peppers are picked throughout the season.
  • Banana peppers I cut the top off and take out the seeds then slice in thin rings.
  • Bell peppers I cut the tops of and take out the seed then I slice in since I will often use these for fajitas etc.
  • Jalapenos I dice up because I am never going to want big pieces of jalapeno when I am cooking. Once they are all cut I put them in the freezer bag and make sure they are laying flat in a single layer when I freeze, that way I can pull out just a few when I need them and they won't be all froze in one big clump.
  • I try to have about 3 gallon bags full of banana peppers and 3 gallons of bell peppers by the end of the summer. I have found that is a good amount for us, that I will use during the winter. If I need fresh peppers for salads etc. I will still have to buy them but for cooking these free peppers from my garden will save me time and money all winter long.

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