How to Dry Carrots

Carrots are another super easy vegetable to dehydrate. Tip for getting more veggies in your family is once you have things like carrots dried you can put them in the food processor and make a powder then you can add that powder to other dishes without anyone knowing. If you use a dehydrator the temperature … Continue reading

Making Pumpkin Puree

This past weekend I brought in the pumpkins from the front door that were decorations and cooked them up and froze their puree. This really is a simple process. Just half or quarter your pumpkin. Then clean out all the “gunk” inside, I saved some of the seeds to plant next year and the rest … Continue reading

What to do with some FREE PRODUCE

On Monday we went to visit some friends and part of the reason was since they had more garden than they could handle at this time. I am always willing to take free garden goodies it helps feed my family well all year long, (well maybe not okra but about anything else I will take). … Continue reading