Kentucky Derby Party

This is a post that I thought was posted over a year ago and just found it so thought I would go on and share it now. We live in Central Kentucky and here the Kentucky Derby is a BIG deal. We enjoy the tradition of the horses and the races. My father is also … Continue reading

Crawfish Boil

  A Crawfish boil a tasty and fun treat. So the last time we took a trip to Louisiana we brought home 30 pounds of crawfish to have a crawfish boil at home. To get them home alive we filled a large cooler about half full of ice then placed the crawfish on top of … Continue reading


My Husband has several people to our house from time to time from work. These evenings of entertaining and getting to know the people  in our home, are good times for him and the people that he works with. But for me  these times normally come about at the last minute to me and budget … Continue reading