Kentucky Derby Party


This is a post that I thought was posted over a year ago and just found it so thought I would go on and share it now. We live in Central Kentucky and here the Kentucky Derby is a BIG deal. We enjoy the tradition of the horses and the races. My father is also a farrier (blacksmith for horse) so I grew up in the industry.

So a highlight of our year is our yearly Kentucky Derby Party. We invite new and old friends alike and enjoy time with great friends, with some great Kentucky food, and some good humored fun watching the race.

So we add some equestrian items to get the mood going. I also collect several derby related items my derby glasses being one of my favorites. Over the years I have collected about 75 glasses so they are a fun addition to party and since the glasses are all different that means that guests can keep up with their own easier.
As with every party the food is part of the main attraction. I try to keep the menu focused around Kentucky favorites. Hotbrowns, country ham, beer cheese, bourbon balls, grits etc. Most of these foods are bring up great memories and fun all while being delicious

While we don’t ask everyone to deck out is full race gear my husband and son do like to sport a bow tie and I have a hat or fascinator  (this one is very small).


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