Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders

By August 6, 2011

I served these plain to the kids and my husband and I had them on a salad. I loved Crispy Chicken Tender salads and thought this might be a very tiny bit healthier way of cooking the chicken.

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Cook Time : 20 minutes



  • Put chicken in a bowl with egg and shake.
  • Put bisquick with salt and pepper in freezer bag.
  • Add chicken, close and shake.
  • Spray baking dish and lay chicken in dish.
  • Melt butter and drizzle over chicken.
  • Place in oven. Cook at 450 for about 14-16 minutes (make sure they are not pink in the middle).
  • Flip chicken tenders after 6 mins.

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