Popcorn Fun!

Amber Mullins 

In our house we love family movie night and try keep it a special and cherished event in our house. Over a year ago we were at Costco and ran across a mini popcorn maker for a really really great price so we went ahead and picked it up. We all LOVE the popcorn maker, not just the kids. 

It is so fun to make popcorn for family movie night or when we have company over who has kids. The kids always love to watch the popcorn maker go and I don’t know that I have met a kid that doesn’t like popcorn. I am sure they are out there but they just haven’t made it to my house. We have a set of the popcorn containers and we are all like big kids when it comes to eating out popcorn out of them.
The popcorn maker we have is an Elite Table Top Popcorn Maker. You can find it on amazon 

I really like the quality of this popcorn maker and the fact that we can make popcorn and put the seasonings we eat like on it. I also feel like it has to be healthier than the microwaveable bags. We have tried several seasonings for popcorn and our favorite is Reese Buttery Flavored Salt, which I can only find it at certain grocery stores.

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