White Spaghetti Boil

White Spaghetti Boil

By May 4, 2012

My kids LOVE it and it is for sure one of their favorite meals. A tiny bit spicy but so FULL of flavor.  You can find the pasilla peppers at the mex store.


  • Pour a box of spaghetti in water-with a little bit of oil and salt in the water-in a large pot for recommended time.
  • While this is cooking, blend one whole jar of crema, a little salt and about 1/3 of the crema jar full of milk.
  • Strain spaghetti and put back in the pot, add a stick of salted butter and with heat on medium stir till melted.
  • Crumble a whole pkg of queso fresco in and stir in the blended crema. This should be very creamy.
  • I put this on a plate with the chile pasilla pork on top.

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