Canner Options

Here are some canning options for you if your looking to get some canning supplies stocked up. The first item is a pressure canner and great place to start , this one does have rubber gaskets that will need to be replaced from time to time and you can find it even cheaper at walmart. The second is the basic water bath canner and this is a good price, keep your eye out and you can find them really cheap this time of the year, while any large pot will work for a water bath this one will fit 7 quarts non of my pans will hold that much.

The next two are All American Canners which is the Cadillac of canners. They are very heavy duty, and do not have the rubber gasket that you have to replace. The 30 quart and 41 quart ( not pictured) can do 14 quarts at a time.

You will need some basic supplies and the kit on the top is a good combo, I do prefer a metal funnel like the one below since you pour so much hot liquid through it. There are a LOT Of canning books out there but these are the two I have and I take notes with the recipes as I can.

And you will need jars and lids the Tattler lids are reusable and the regular lids have to be replaced after every use but you can reuse the rings that come in the ball lids.

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