Welcome to our New Readers

We, Amber and Ann Kelly, are Christian Stay at Home Moms that enjoy taking care of and cooking for our families. We try to honor our God and our Husbands in the way we live our daily lives.

We like trying new things so Amber started a Facebook group for Friends to share recipes that they and their families enjoy. There was such a good response we thought we would transfer the recipes to a blog for easier access. And to help other women out there who are trying to prepare meals for their families.

To help you find things easier there are tabs at the top of the page, Main Dish, Side Dish, Sweets, etc. If you click on the tab you will see if a list of all recipes posted. So if have chicken in the fridge you can look at just chicken recipes to find something quickly.

Amber and I both have children with special diet needs so you will also see an allergery friendly tab. There is nothing there yet but will will work on getting meal ideas there along with resources for others to use. Because we know this can be challenging.

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