Valentine’s Pancakes

Looking for something a little different and cheap to brighten your kids or significant other’s day on Valentines. Try making heart shaped pancakes.

I just used a large and a small metal Wilton heart shaped cookie cutter that I had picked up at Kroger on clearance last year. I just placed the cutter on the skillet and poured the pancake mix in to let it cook. I decided to add chocolate chips to our eggless pancake recipe.My husband said it may be easier to make pancakes next time and then cut them out with the cutters because it was a little challenging to push them out to be able to flip them to cook the other side.

Of course the hubs won’t admit it was sweet but my daughter thought it was super cute. My son refuses to eat pancakes so that is why he didn’t have any. He wanted bacon instead, which I agree is better than pancakes! I am going to try heart shaped bacon for him this week!!

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