Fresh Veggies Day

Fresh Veggies Day

By June 16, 2012

Today is National Fresh Veggie Day Here are a few ideas to us and and enjoy lots of fresh veggies in your diet. Eating your vegetables (and fruits) is so important to living healthy and they can heal your body in so many ways.




  • If you are throwing a a party you can make it a Healthy Party.
  • Having your Fruits and Veggies Where You See Them Throughout the day also helps you remember to eat more and more fresh goodies.
  • I also almost always have veggies prepped  and ready to enjoy in the fridge for dipping, salads, and quick side dishes.
  • For me a big part of being prepared is having my veggies and fruit ready to go if at all possible, other than having a pineapple cut up or grapes or cherries washed fruit is hard to have ready a head of time. Every week these look a little different just depending what I have on hand (I normally shop of Thursday so I am usually pretty stocked up), what is on sale that week, and what is good and fresh when I shop.
  • You can also enjoy lots of veggies in loads of Salads. SO HOW ARE YOU GOING TO EAT YOUR VEGGIES TODAY?

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