Freezing Asparagus

Freezing Asparagus

By May 18, 2012

The past weekend I was given about 4 gallons of fresh picked asparagus so we have had asparagus about every meal. I had about 2 gallons left so it was time to freeze it. Now I DO NOT like frozen or canned asparagus nearly as much as fresh so I mainly use what I freeze in dish like fried rice or stuffed mushrooms.



  • The first thing is to rise it and trim up the woody ends.
  • While I trimmed I separated by the size of the steam, it helps with the next step and I use the different sizes for different things.
  • In a large pan of boiling water place the asparagus to blanch it. The smallest steams only stay in the water about 1 1/2 minutes, the medium about 2 mins, and the thickest about 2 mins as well.
  • Once you take out of the pan add to a bowl of ice water to stop the cooking then let it dry out.
  • I take the small and medium stalks and just dice up and put in freezer bags until I can make a thin layer when it laying flat, so they don't all stick together so I can grab just a handful at a time when I want to add it to a dish.
  • The largest stalks I keep whole so I can grill it or roast it.
  • Just make your lay it FLAT when you freeze so it takes up less space and it will allow you to be able to pull just a little at a time.


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