Favorite Desserts

Today on Kelly’s Korner Blog she is hosting a linky party for favorite desserts, which is a theme I was really excited about! Desserts are my favorite part of a meal. I have been known in the past to eat dessert first and then my meal. I will admit that I (Amber) am not a big fan of cake and cannot stand icing most of the time but I do actually like cake balls. Yes, I KNOW I am odd. Growing up I always got a cookie cake with minimal icing on it.  With this being said check out some of mine and Ann Kelly’s favorite desserts!

This is a new fall creation that Ann Kelly made last week. This would be perfect for having company over.

I was at Ann Kelly’s house the first time she made this dessert. It was so good I almost drove back over for seconds after the kids went to bed that night but figured my jeans would rather me not. This was a favorite at Ann Kelly’s house this summer. So much less messy than traditional chocolate covered strawberries.

This is a great summertime dessert with yellow cake, coconut cream, pineapple and cool whip. This cake is super easy and so good! This is always my go to dessert!

Strawberry Shortcakes are Ann Kelly’s favorite dessert. These are actually really good and are the best recipe that I have personally made. The best part is my kids can actually eat them with their food allergies. This dessert is just beautiful and speaks for itself! No bake cookies are a favorite in both of our houses. Unfortunately we can’t do peanut butter in my house so we have a nut free version of them.

Or you can try our newest version of no bakes, pumpkin spice no bake cookies!!This is quickly becoming a favorite of mine and my husbands and most people who try it!

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