How to Dry Onions using a Food Dehydrator

So far onions are my favorite thing to dehydrate after Apple Chips but they also take the LONGEST. I have also found that red onions dry out better than yellow. The bag above is another Aldi special one week for 49 cents so this project is costing me very little.

I peeled and sliced the onions into 1/4 inch slices the place the rings on the trays of my dehydrator. Then let it go for about 20 hours. They look dry much sooner than that but they are not brittle for a really long time. I have actually used my dried onions several times and they come right back to life and you can’t really tell the difference over fresh in soups etc.

The bag above FILLED UP all 5 of my trays and once it was all said and done fit in a pint jar with room to spare.

Above is a dried mushroom, onion and banana pepper after 1 hour in water the onion was back to its normal size.

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