Freezer Cooking Night for $50 a person

It has been hard to keep the freezer cooking nights going on a regular basis. We tend to travel a lot and my son plays sports year round so we often have ball games on Friday Nights.  And since some of the mama’s that join in for the freezer cooking work outside the home and some are stay at home Friday nights seem to  work the best for us. But this cooking Night we made more than every before. We had more of us cooking so we had more money in the pot so that may have helped the budget stretch further.
I Keep this tote in my basement with our leftover supplies, spices, oils, bags, foil etc.
Recipes are printed before our cooking night and ready to pass off to whoever is working on each dish.
It seems I always have all the slow cookers in use for prepping before the actual cooking night.
And when the cooking is all said and done it is time to divide out what everyone will be taking home.
This month’s dishes included
  • Freezer Quesadillas — Prep includes cooking and shredding the meat (we used chicken this time), and having cheese shredded also you will need griddles to cook these on. These are a HIT every time we make them but they take a while. We normally  have one lady start making her’s as soon as we starting cooking and each person makes their own as the griddle becomes free. Everyone when home with 12 or 15 of these. We also had these for our dinner while cooking.
  • Chicken Poppyseed Casserole — Prep includes cooking and shredding the chicken. everyone went home with a large one of these or two smaller ones depending on the size of their families.
  • Dirty Rice — Prep includes  having beans cooked if not using canned (I cook mine Like this)  and right before everyone shows up I cook the rice. This is quickly becoming a cooking night favorite. Everyone took 2 dishes of this home but next time we will double this. It is a great side dish that goes with about anything and it is delish.
  • Sweet Potato Casserole — Prep includes cooking the sweet potatoes. I had a bushel of sweet potatoes in the basement leftover from last year’s garden that were still good but needed to be used so this dish was nice and budget friendly for us and we ended up making a bunch so everyone took home 3 or 4 of them (not huge pans)
  • Basil Bacon Wrapped Chicken
  •  Garlic Basil Chicken —
  • Slow Cooker Pork Loin — Only Prep is to cut whole pork loins into smaller sections. Each recipe need about 1 1/2 – 2 pounds. Each of us took one of these home.
  • Baked Spaghetti — Prep is have the sauce cooked and cooled to room temp to be able to handle it well. we each took 2 large pans of this home (again I can my own sauce so we only had to buy the cheese, noodles, and meat).
  • NOTE: For this cooking Night I cooked 6 whole chickens like this in the slow cooker the day before we cooked then cooked the bones etc to make chicken stock. We used some of the stock when cooking the beans and rice but the rest went into bags and frozen and everyone took home a quart or two of homemade stock as well.
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